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  • 7 years ago

Questioned the official, so they delayed the job

Reported on February 19, 2017 from Bareilly , Uttar Pradesh  ι Report #153659

It is an incident that happened a few days back. The story is yet to complete.
Police Station- Izzatnagar, Bareilly, UP

So, I went to the police station with a relative of mine for his/her passport verification process. We had received a call from the officials to come to the station. I tagged along and reached the 'Thana'. Upon reaching there I saw a person along with 2 others who had come to collect their renewed passports. The constable sitting there had a light conversation with them, laughed at a thing or two and then said 'baaki to aap jaante hain kaise kya karna hai'.

The man obliged and paid the constable 500 Rs. Upon this the constable said, "bhaiya, 2-2 passport hain, 1000 banta hai". I was sitting there and was stunned . I asked the constable ,"Is this for real"? To this he replied "Madam this is Uttar Pradesh, and this is how things go down here." As those people left, I confronted him, and asked him questions, he said one should focus on his/her own work, to which I replied that as a citizen I have the right to question this corrupt practice.

My relative was told that the PVO is not available and in 2-3 days the Daroga will come to his/her house and verify the address. I guess if I had not questioned him, he would have easily done the verification. I am yet to find out what happens during the verification. I guess, my relatives' passport might be in jeopardy due to my action, but I have decided, if they try to harass her/him in any manner, I will teach these people a lesson.

But I am certainly stunned as people themselves offer money to these 'goons in uniform' who want to skim as much hard earned money of the common people as possible.

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