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  • 7 years ago

The Traffic Toll Police blatantly refused to give me a vaid ticket, and demanded a bribe

Reported on February 2, 2017 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #150216

This incident happened in Bangalore, on 21st jan, on Residency Road (opposite Coffee Day/HDFC Bank) on the main road.

I had parked my Zen on residency road (HDFC Bank ) in the evening of Jan 21 to hail an auto for my wife and child.
> I suddenly noticed a tow truck locking in my car and I apologized and requested him to let me know the penalty. To my surprise, he demanded a bribe of 600rs, and when I refused to pay stating that I'd pay the full amount on receipt, he started abusing me and my family verbally and with utter arrogance. When I demanded an official receipt, he spoke very disrespectfully and challenged me to " do what you want" . Despite my many requests, he refused to even give me a tow receipt and drove away!! All because I didn't pay the bribe!!
> I had to helplessly follow in an auto and there when I said I'd complain about his bribe demand, he had the sheer arrogance to say" what proof do you have".
> Such blatantly corrupt and arrogant people lower the reputation of your department. Thoroughly disappointed in the rampant and arrogant person.
> I have attached the vehicle snap, attached to the residency
> Road tow department.
> I trust that you would look into the matter and give us justice.

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