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  • 7 years ago

Tiruvuru - Registrar refusing to register sale deed

Reported on April 17, 2017 from Tiruvuru , Andhra Pradesh  ι Report #161014

Hello - I along with my mother and sister have inherited land ancestral property through a registered partition deed years back. My mother has applied and was granted pattadhar books as well for the same. We are trying to sell part of the inherited land registration. Since I am living abroad I have provided duly attested registered GPA to my mother so she can represent. The registrar is objecting to the sale deed registration stating that the pattadhar passbook has only mothers name instead of all 3 of us. VRO/MRO who issued passbook mentioned pattadhar passbooks could only be given to single persons and not for multiple person. However all these rules will be gone away if we give him Rs. 40,000.; which tells me that the objection is just to get money from us. I am really frustrated and stunned with amount of corruption at registration department. I am not hopeful this will change anytime soon.

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