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  • 12 years ago

Bribe In Education Dept

Reported on August 19, 2011 from Tumkur , Karnataka  ι Report #32952

Dear readers,
By profession i am an lecturer but my fate i paid bribe in the begining cos my management insisted me to pay some percentage to release our salary from our director of technical department which i had paid and the worst thing is we get only 85% salary from govt rest 15% had to pay by the management where they are not paying and got acquitences signed by us for remaining 15% where as we paid incometax for 100%. so i have decided not to pay bribe .... see in this education department not only for salary even for promotion which turns to about 35,000 and above individually ..... no one is going to help us cos there is no unity IGNORENCE IS BLISS here for the management and the agent like principals which is happeneing today also.. in GRANT IN AID polytechnics...... pricipal sends percentage slips thro HODS to collect money including his percentage....(may be) but i am afraid to come out cos job is the only source for us to look after my family one instance i would like to share with you we got arrears salary from the dept on 2008 only six of us refused to share the money 25% from the 85% which we got from the dept till now they have not cleared our arrear salary now it is 2011 and the dept is also not asking for usage certificate this shows hand in gloves to whom we should complain from 2008 we complained to DC, MLA, DTE, it is not solved till now..... this is one instance...for implementing 6th pay AICTE Princi says it is left to management to implement and harrasing the staff.....don't know what to do......GOK (god only knows)....

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