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Hi to all, It is best experience of my life to share that once regarding…

Reported on October 27, 2013 from Siddharthnagar , Uttar Pradesh  ι Report #36996

Hi to all,

It is best experience of my life to share that once regarding Verification Certificate for Passport under Tatkal scheme, I met an and IAS officer (then appointed as SDM of my district namely Bhawani Singh Khangarot) and told him about the requirement of passport office for tatkal passport, he just asked me to show my documents, I showed him and he became satisfied with me and asked me what kind of help u need, I told him "I want to apply for Passport under Tatkal scheme, and the passport office requires a verification certificate which is at least certified by Police Inspector but they are agreed with only 3000 INR etc, I need u to verify this and give also your service card on behalf of which u r working here (which is also required by Passport office), then he called his assistant and asked him to do so, but his assistant said sir, you ask him first to get certification by Lekhpal etc then u do this, the the Honest IAS officer replied him, do u want him to spend more 50 rupees to get verification from Lekhpal? I was impressed by his sentence, and I prayed in my heart a great success for him, the conclusion is not only he avoided any kind of bribery but also save my money which could be paid to Lekhpal for verification.
I am really impressed with him and pray for him a great success.

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