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  • 14 years ago

Got my license without bribe

Reported on August 19, 2010 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #33315

I knew that many, rather most, people pay bribe to get their driving license. The general way is to register with the training institute and rest assured that you get the license.

I believed that we don't have to do it. There are ways or processes which needs to be followed and we should have the patience for that. Because government work generally takes time. This is also improving now a days.

There were 3 phases in getting my license done:
1) Changing the address on license and transferring it to local RTO:
I had a valid 2 wheeler license from Maharashtra. When I applied for learning license, I found from the assessing officer that they can't attest the new 4 wheeler license until I get the address changed to Bangalore local address & transfer the license to Bangalore. I applied for that and estimated time was 60 days. The process was: sending license to my native, getting their NOC and issuing a new local license.
2) Getting learning license:
Then I applied for the learning license for 4 wheeler. Completed my training and applied for driving test.
3) Driving test & getting permanent license:
Driving test was fine. I carried out all the steps required for the test. I erred in one of the task but the RTO officer neglected that seeing my overall performance.

I really appreciate the RTO officer also who MIGHT have appreciated my honest effort.
The complete process took me 5 months.
But I am happy!
Sachin Pandhare

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