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  • 10 years ago

Honest TC who made me keep thinking ...

Reported on October 22, 2013 from Tirupati , Andhra Pradesh  ι Report #36911

Hello All, hoping for A bribe free country for a common man ..same time want to share a very encouraging story when I visited INDIA last year - booked a ticket to go to tirupathi in Venkatadri in 2nd sleeper just to feel my old days, to be honest those are not same old 2sleeper any more - no cleanlyness no good atmospear, because of my kids I decides to buy tkts in any AC which looked better.. I approached TT and requested to get 5bearths where ever he can - he said he'll try and I've been following all the way and requested few more times -- finally he said there are few no shows and allotted them to me - was so happy and the next part is giving money to him for the help e did - of course bribe as usual which I'm not used too .. Tried my best and offered hm close to 2k - but to my surprise he denied without lookin at them .. It's been 18 months and colud notstop thinking abt the incident .. Finally I really feel good and wanted send him some feel good gift ..but coul not find - only thing I remember abt him is he is a Muslim with beard ( sorry It s only the clue I've) ...
Email me his details pls if you know him ..or his name so I can greet him.

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