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  • 12 years ago

I have not given the test but i got the license

Reported on March 11, 2012 from Vellore , Tamil Nadu  ι Report #32867

Don't know if i really resisted it or what but i didn't entertained it. What happened actually is i went to Vellore railway station on 19th dec,2011 to drop one of my friends. She was going to chennai. In hurry I forgot to take platform ticket. after seeing her off, while i was returning, stopped by a TC, damn..!!! I was at fault and i tried negotiating him that i just came to drop a friend. But as the rules he said either i have to pay fine of 279 rupees or goto prosecution which may lead to jail of 6 months.!!! i was stunned.!! i had around 150 rupees with me and i told him that sir i dont have the required fine amount but he said cant help it and told me to wait..!!
while i was waiting for crowd to get cleared, a thought came to my mind that why shoudnt ipay him a 100 rupee note and get away but than ********** KA AANDOLAN yaad aa gay. I called one of my friend back in hostel to get me some more cash to pay fine. In between he was done with the checking and asked me what is the status. I told him that my friend is coming, he seemed somewhat disappointed.(_though m not sure he wanted any bribe). then he started asking me about details of ma friend with whom i came to statoion i.e. Seat No, PNR etc. I gave him all the info, he crosschecked it and verified that i was right.then he said "OK YOU CAN LEAVE", For 1 second i couldn't believe what he said bcoz i was expecting smthng else..;-) I was at fault and was ready to pay for it in right manner. Bur maybe genuine case..!!
I dont know if its a Anti bribr thing but i felt i did something good..:)

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