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  • 10 years ago

About 4 months back, I went to Rajajinagar RTO to get my LL done.…

Reported on October 27, 2014 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #46011

About 4 months back, I went to Rajajinagar RTO to get my LL done. It was a pretty smooth process, they took just the prescribed fees of Rs.30. I had my apprehensions before going there, since my friends had told me stories of being purposefully failed in LL test so that they could take bribe, but nothing of that sort happened with me. Kudos to the team at Rajajinagar RTO!

Today I went to Peenya test track to give the driving test for my DL. This again proved to be a pretty smooth affair, everything was done within an hour and at no stage was I asked to pay a bribe.

But the sad thing was that during both the LL and DL process almost all the others had come via driving schools! I believe it's the people who pay these "driving" schools are at fault for this whole bribing scene. I mean it's okay to go learn from the driving school, but why do you need to pay them for your LL and DL? The process is fairly easy and if you're willing to do things yourself, it shouldn't be a hassle at all.

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