• Honest Officer
  • 12 years ago

Parked in no parking zone

Reported on October 4, 2010 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #33283

I'd parked my car in a no-parking zone, was willing to take my chances. Came back to find it had been towed. Went to the towing yard close to Commercial Street. Saw my car there. Waited next to it for five minutes for the policeman to come back, he was directing traffic or something.

He arrived with a smile on his face, I was prepared to fight for my receipt if I had to. He sat in the tow vehicle, took out his blackberry. I told him I had parked it in the wrong place and I was here to pay the fine. He smiled, punched in some numbers, the receipt came out, I paid him the fine, I think it was 400 bucks. he gave me a manual receipt for some portion of the towing charge as well. He bade me good day, asked the tow guys to remove the ********** and I was on my way.

I have always found cops to be immensely cooperative when you admit to a mistake that you have made. There have been other instances when I have fought tooth and nail and even appeared in traffic court for a 100 rupee red light violation when I knew I wasn't in the wrong.

We should give the police its due sometimes and understand that they have a very difficult job and aren't out to get you all of the time. There work hours are crazy, living conditions pathetic and remuneration paltry, it would be enough to frustrate and disillusion anyone.

So the next time you violate a traffic rule, smile at the cop and pay your fine, and complement him/her for doing a good job.

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