• Honest Officer
  • 12 years ago

A Smile on our face Obtained Counter Sign for our child's TC

Reported on June 13, 2011 from Chennai , Tamil Nadu  ι Report #33030

We have been on great shock to see an honest officer who sat on his desk for hours and doing his job rightfully and loyally.

This is happened in Chennai's Education department known as DPI we reached and officer of Controller Of Primary Education-Chennai District for counter signing the Transfer Cerificate. While standing near to his desk for our turn, The Officer politely looked at us and asked "what can i do for you". For a sec we don't know what to say on such hospitality. then we sayed our requirements. Immediately with is a min he signed and stamped the cetificate and mark sheets and hand over to us.

He accepted a note of thanks and smile from our face. We were unable to digest it so, stood there for few more mins and observed his work culture and parised for his honest and clean attitude to continue also prayed the rest too could follow him.

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