• Honest Officer
  • 12 years ago

TTE charged Rs.100 for confirming a RAC ticket

Reported on November 26, 2011 from Gulbarga , Karnataka  ι Report #32882

We are two brothers, we belongs below middle class family and my dad expires in 1996, by profession he was real estate magnesium to gulbarga and he was state ministry( janata dal) when i was seventh standard he lived this world, my dad was not corrupted as being into policities it shows we still don't own house live. i am now into IT filed, lemme come to the point since many years we are fight case with coporation, they have not appared to ddlr since 8 years but we still seeking for justice all system is curropted i am now fedup of giving bribe what ever i earn i will to them sometime i have to take loan birbe them there nothing in case oppistion doesnt have a single peace of paper that they can assure that property belongs to them, though high court order has been pass 10 years back to ddlr to look after papers and close the case in 8 days from then corporation has appear and still we are seeking for justice sometime we feel because we are ********** we don't rights to ask Justice to this system, Many i felt my dad would have been taken the bribe today we could have face this sought of problem, true part we done have money to the owner of our house..... i know even the web cant do anything, just thought to express it.. thats it

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