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  • 4 years ago

Two Wheeler Registration

Reported on January 11, 2019 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #196481

I had to re-register my two wheeler Honda Activa, after 15 years of usage. Though the vehicle was in good condition, the place where the Chassis number was etched got rusted and the numbers where not clearly visible ( Unfortunately for Honda Activa, they etch the Chassis Number under the body where there can get easily rusted). I enquired with several people familiar with Motor Vehicles and rules. I got opinions like – Scrap the vehicle, or re-etch the chassis number with the help of some private parties etc). Since, I was confident about the genuineness from my side and as all papers were perfect, I decided to approach the RTO - for my address it was Krishnarajapura, Bangalore.

I have submitted the application on 3rd floor administrated by Mr. Murthy. He approved the same after thorough scrutiny . After paying the fees, I approached the Motor Vehicle Inspector Mr. Suresh. His office was a very busy one with so many candidates for Learner’s License. I told him the issue (Chassis Number) and he promised me that he would come and inspect. Without making me wait for long, he checked the vehicle thoroughly to ensure that there are no alterations of parts and the vehicle is genuine. He asked me to get some rusted parts replaced. Once I did as guided by him, he inspected the vehicle again and approved the application. Throughout the interaction, he was very professional, decent & strait forward. If he was a corrupt officer, he could have easily manipulated the entire episode for squeeze money from me. But he was quite different. He had two executives assisting him. They were also equally professional and warm in interaction. Of course, as we all know the leader makes the culture of a place.

This is not my first experience with this office. I had around 6 transactions for my cars and bike in the last 2 years. Every time, it was very similar. I attribute the great running of this office to the RTO Mr. Byregowda. Once there was some delay in getting my RC card posted to my address. Mr. Byregowda promised that he would do all needful and I don’t have to be concerned. I got the RC card within two days in my house.

Seeing these officers, I am very hopeful for a bright India. Personally I will be happy to motivate my children to be like these young and effective leaders.

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