• I Paid A Bribe
  • 6 years ago

Bribe complaint against VO officer

Reported on July 17, 2018 from Chennai , Tamil Nadu  ι Report #185740


Since I am getting married I have to get a First marriage certificate from the VO office (Pallavaram/Pammal). I went to the VO office with all kinds of documents on 05/07/2018 morning around 9 am. I and along with me, 8 people were waiting for the VO officer. We waited till 12 pm and the VO officer was unavailable. I went home and came again at 2 pm and was waiting until 4 pm. There were no such signs of VO officer. All the people who were waiting was frustrated When enquired nearby the people around said there were no proper timings for VO and he comes anytime. I went back for the day. Sent my dad another day but still, VO was unavailable. At last, I was able to meet VO officer in 16/07/2018. There was an assistant for the VO officer who was coordinating everything. When I met the lady and said my need she asked 500 rs for the VO officer and she asked some more for her as well. I said i have all documents and I was trying to meet him for plenty of times but he was unavailable.but she said to get a sign from the VO officer money has to be paid. I just had 500 in my pocket. had no other chance other than paying as I am not sure when I will be meeting that stupid officer again as he doesn't have a proper visiting timing. I paid 500 rs at 11.15am in the VO office premises which is located in pammal. Only after paying the money i was left inside and allowed to get a sign. The officer was looking short and black. I can submit the signature of the VO officer as I am not sure of his name.

I feel ashamed of paying money in spite of having all the proper documents. This is a complaint not only with regard to BRIBE as well as the officer not being in his seat on time or no proper intimation to the public of when he will be available and what time he will be available. PUBLIC ARE NOT FOOLS TO STAND OUTSIDE HIS OFFICE FOR HOURS. WE DO HAVE OUR OWN WORK TO DO WHICH WE DO WITHOUT GETTING BRIBE.

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