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Bribe for domicile certificate

Reported on November 2, 2020 from Korba , Chhattisgarh  ι Report #225585

Date - 31/10/2020
Time around 4:00-6:30 pm
officer name(owner of choice centre)- Hemant

My father applied for making the domicile certificate for me and my sister. After the certificates being made, during the time of receiving the certificates, they asked my father to pay 500 each i.e. 1000 for 2 domicile certificates. My father resisted to pay the bribe, so they took back the certificates and commanded my father to either pay or they will not provide the documents.
We needed the documents immediately as mine sister needed it for admissions in medical college due to which we were forced to pay the bribe.

My father asked them why are you taking such amount? They replied,"we need to pay rs.100 to tahsildar for sign." Further he said 2-3 designations name more where he spends money. At last he agreed for rs.750 at last.

Tahsildar- Suresh kumar sahu(as mentioned in my domicile certificate)

This MAA GAYATRI SERVICES, KOSABADI, KORBA (C.G) is charging rs.500 for each domicile certificate. But the official rate is only rs.5. I hope strict actions will be taken against them.

I here provide the details of my domicile certificate also-
Application Reference no.- 0707012002009902

Vishal Singh

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