• I Paid A Bribe
  • 8 years ago

Bribe taken to levy Money Laundering Charges

Reported on August 6, 2016 from Madurai , Tamil Nadu  ι Report #115620

It is to be noted that Maheswari from RTO North (retired) gave a bribe in excess of 150000 to be levied of charges from a money laundering case. The case was guided by former RTO North Ravichandran.

The employee currently owns two houses in Madurai, One in K K Nagar, worth 10 lakhs whilst in TM Nagar 40 lakhs ( under son's ownership)

She has taken bribes through registration and this helped her pay 50 % of the amount for the second house - 32 lakhs at the time... This was later cleared alongside her son in foreign country along with her bribes ofcourse.

Recently retired from her duties, she plans to take up three years of government job next year on a special recommendation...which is unjust considering the amount of bribery done.

She currently has over 200 pounds of Gold in her kitty...All in all , she joined as a widow in 2000 with a pay structure of 6,000 which was upped to 25,000 on retirement.

The employee acts as a normal tax payer..... with a salary of just 300000, but spends 12 lakhs on the marriage of her son. She earns about 15 lakhs a year, but shows no details on the income report.

I ask you to act against such cheaters and keep india clean.....Her son plans to take up a new house soon, and it seems she will take bribes from her special recruitment ( registration job continuation) to fill the loan once more...

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