• I Paid A Bribe
  • 7 years ago

Complaint against corrupted officer & not doing the duty

Reported on March 2, 2016 from Mysore , Karnataka  ι Report #94487

I & my sister being a regular visitor for the Main corporation office in mysore since 27th January 2016 in Birth & Death Registration Department, as we had issues with our birth certificates & needed to be corrected to get our passport application procesed, "a clerk lady named Sakamma" asked us to come the next day just to say what has to be done, made us to go for many days like that when we questioned about her duty she asked us to write application and go with that the next day, when we went she was on leave for many days, one fine day she was in office & she tried the same thing we had to question her about her duty due to which she got annoyed and asked us to make an affidavit which we did, next day she asked us to pay challan which we did, asked us to come after 1 week the certificate will be ready so we had a sense of relief, so went to the corporation office as said again the lady gave some lame excuses, made us to walk again & again, then my uncle got intervened & paid a bribe of 1000 rupees just to forward the certificate to the health officer named " Dr Jahanara Thabasum HA", then onwards it became more hectic made us do the same thing everyday. Still we are in corporation office without the work not been done, it's the same with other poor people, feel sad for those people & frustrating & anger with the corrupted officers like this. Hence I'm writing this to inform our patience & feeling pity on ourselves how we been handled being an Indian citizens by these unethical government employers which are the shame for other good officers & for our society.

Please take some action for the same as soon as possible. I don't want to drag this to the next level.

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