• I Paid A Bribe
  • 9 years ago

Corrupt loafers of DEO office madurai

Reported on October 16, 2015 from Madurai , Tamil Nadu  ι Report #79431

In order to get a simple Leave approval the corrupt officers in DEO office did not even open my file until I paid a bribe of Rs 1000 to a lower lever officer. Now after she opened the file she is demanding more bribe for her higher offices in order to further move the file even though I have all required documents (a bunch of documents, thickness of a dictionary). Since they have the power to ask anything unrelated and hold on the file for ever, we are will bend to these fucking bastards. I don't know how these idiots can live and lead a happy life by easily sucking my hard earned money. I curse, wish these fuckers will face such a down side that they wont even have the energy or will to celebrate with such bribed income.

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