• I Paid A Bribe
  • 5 years ago

Customs officials are becoming and behaving like prostitutes.

Reported on August 9, 2019 from Hyderabad , Telangana  ι Report #211509

I carried a gold chain 24K from Dubai to Hyderabad, one of customs official called me and asked me to pay 65K INR, I said him, okay I will not take the chain, I will deposit it with you, next week I will travel back to Dubai then I will take my chain back to Dubai.

Eventhough he asked me to pay 65K,what the hell is this?, Is Indian government not paying salaries to them??

After 1 hr debate with him, he demanded 10K as bribe and gave my chain back. I have my invoice bills, and even I told him, I will take it back to Dubai and not pay money, but he was very rude and seems very corrupted officer. I don't find name on his uniform, but definitely he become bad mark for Indian government.

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