• I Paid A Bribe
  • 11 years ago

For getting records from clerk to file affidavit

Reported on December 7, 2012 from Cuttack , Orissa  ι Report #301

Iam a dysp in police..i know there are many black sheep in my department,but not all r like them..moreover my department's corruption is more visible..but iam not defending it..but belive me ,when i say that we are also forced to pay bribes, mostly in courts or in hospitals or secretariat..and this is not the first time, i gave bribe, probablly 200th time that i was forced to give bribe for government's work..i went to take a writ petition filed in high court so that i can file a counter but the bench clerk wont give it until given 1000 rs and this was the document which was supposed to be hosted free on website so that one can download but the nexus there is such that u have to give otjerwise u will not get it and would not be able to file counter in time thus inviting legal action..then after obtaining it by paying 1000 rs, affidavit has to be filed ,again for which i gave1000 rs...

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