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Reported on April 28, 2012 from New Delhi , Delhi  | Report #29640

I just paid a bribe for passport verification. (He came to my house 10 minutes ago and despite all documentation and explanations he just wouldn't get off the sofa and leave!) We paid him Rs. 500 only because I needed the passport urgently and last time I didn't pay a bribe it was rejected! In spite of the rejection last time, this one too only asked for the same documentation...and when we asked for explanation as to why it was rejected he said "It happens" instead of giving a concrete reason. If it is accepted this time it will only be due to this stupid bribe.
Why do these passport-verifying policemen still expect "chai-pani"??? Why can't they just include this bribe in the costs of making a passport instead of pretending this tatkal scheme is super-efficient?? Shouldn't the Delhi Police or Passport Office have a proper helpline or feedback mechanism (e.g. the official can carry an identity proof that we can use to report him to officials) so we can report a bribe???

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