• I Paid A Bribe
  • 8 years ago

I was forced to pay in the name of tip.

Reported on June 4, 2016 from Ahmedabad , Gujarat  ι Report #106186

The registrar (the person who took all the details from me at the office on 1st floor) at the municipal office - Jodhpur Gam ward of West Zone in Ahmedabad city asked me after all the paper work was done and when the certificate had to be given to me. He simply asked for CHAI PAANI which literally means a BRIBE. The lame reason he gave was of low pay by the government and "aapke ghar ladka hua hai to waise hi dena banta hai". So would he pay us all (from whom he took a bribe) a bribe if a son takes birth in his family??? Would he pay his colleagues a bribe when a son takes birth in his family??? The answer is NO.

Then why should we be asked to pay a bribe. I asked for the seniors and he said he is the senior most in this office. I was left with no option but to pay at that moment but I had decided to fight it later and the day is here. The guy who took the registration and the guy from the hospital were together and it seems to be the same thing with everyone who gets registration process done through them. One more thing which needs to be mentioned is. Yesterday when I contacted the guy from hospital who helped me to get through the birth registration process (later got to know his main motto with helping for registration was to get some money in name of TIP as BRIBE) to enquire about name change (want to add a middle name along with my name and the family name), he again said "kuch kharcha lagega par ho jayega. Banda jo abhi baithta hai woh to mana kar raha hai, kehta hai joint name hi hota hai means ek word. Middle name add nahi hota aur karna hai to par kuch setting kare to to maan jayega." What setting???? Setting to pay a bribe??? Why can't a person have a seperate middle name? Why only the father's name is considered as middle name??? People do add Singh, Kaur, Kumar, Pal, etc. on their offical documents. How did they got it?

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