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Inside story of obtaining Transcript

Reported on January 7, 2014 from Lucknow , Uttar Pradesh  ι Report #38876

When I was first decided to go to USA for further education, I encountered a term called 'transcripts'. Before that particular incident which i am going to report, I didn't know what it meant. I searched on the internet and finally had a basic idea of what it and how to get one. I knew it will be very difficult to get such document especially from university like UPTU. I read a blog called 'edulix' and found a senior sharing his experience about how to obtain a transcript from UPTU without any hassle. I contacted him and asked for the details, He mentioned a guy who is a clerk in UPTU's head office, and he gave me his contact no. He told me, this guy is very good, and he will get the work done. I thought okay, let's give it a try.

I reached Lucknow on 9th December, 2013 for the transcripts. I reached university at 2:00 pm (almost). I made it to the reception and the guy told me straight away that, The time is over for transcripts, and I need to be there on 9:00 am for the job. I told him, I am coming after travelling 500 miles and due to the fog situation, the Train got late. Even then, I found him intractable, implacable and intransigent, until then, he asked for a 'service-tax', I thought, i am not going to give a bribe. Suddenly, It striked my mind, I should contact that particular clerk for it. I called him and passed him the reference of the senior, He appeared within a second, He gave me a paper for application, asked for all the 'statement of marks' i had. I gave him all the documents needed, and He gave me a scrupulous smile, I thought this man is honest, I will give him a treat at a restaurant outside, if he gets it done (i don't consider it a bribe). He disappeared and advised me to go canteen and wait for his call, I thought Wow!.

I went outside, ate something and smoked 2-3 cigarettes. He called me something after 5:00 pm. I went inside his office, It was dark and creepy and very few people were there, he asked me to sign on a register, I did and placed the copies of transcripts in my bag and thought of thanking him and to take him for a treat, In spite of that, He called me with my name and asked to go inside a room, and asked me for the money, I was shocked, I told him, I don't have any cash, But he was very adamant, but he was talking very slowly. He told me wait outside the university gate, and I did. He came within seconds, I couldn't run even if i wanted to. He took me to an ATM of the Axis Bank, taking left from university circle. He asked me a sum of 2000 rupees, I asked him to make it 1500 but of no use. He took my entire budget. I was penniless in a city where i don't know anyone except that cheater. Luckily, I had credit in my phone, I called my friend and asked him to transfer some money in my account through net-banking, I waited till i received an SMS for the transfer. I used ATM, travelled back to the station and back to Delhi.

He told me during the bike ride with him for search on ATM, that he has done the same thing for more than 35+ people. I asked him, Why don't you tell people beforehand that you'll charge money? He said, if i did that, How would i be able to get money? He also told me, he'll only get 500 rupees from this, 1500 rupees are to be distributed among many other officials. So i guess, there is a complete chain for this.

The method of obtaining a transcript should be made transparent and easy, as many students are planning to go to study abroad like me, which is quite costlier in itself, so these types of pimps make it very difficult for students belonging to middle-class to expand their horizon. and to study abroad.

On the verge of anonymity, I am sharing the details of that clerk, But he is not the single culprit, everyone present there does that, If you are ready to pay any amount, you can get anything done there, even marks can be manipulated. Just call the person, and ask him that, I want a transcript and see the play.

Clerk details:

Name: Arvind
Contact no, : +91 9452986206

Thank you for reading it.

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