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  • 10 years ago

Jungle ********** at bestfrustrating

Reported on March 26, 2011 from Badharghat , Tripura  ι Report #25450

This is amazing how the corruption networks, which remains invisible until you get tangled in, works so efficiently in this UP hinterland. The beurocrates has set people who collect definite (there are set rates for a particular job that you need to get done; and you need to give bribe to get it done as it suppose to be)amount of kickbacks from. This BSA (basic shiksha Adhikari) has people who you need to contact for your appointment to a school of choice, though govt has rules in place to give three alternatives for each candidate to choose and they will be allocated one of them, but the mighty corruption has it all twisted, you will be communictaed that those positiones are in great demand and you need to "SECCURE" it by this much amount. Well, one has chosen the place of first appontment which is near, comfortable, on the bus route, accesible. The clerks will tell you that it is already bokked for some one who is paying this much.. .... if you want your posting at this place you will have to pay this much....you may not negotiate, and if you did the rates go up. Ok then you pay the agreed amount and wait anxiously for the result. they take time... 2 days, 3 days..... ultimatly they tell you that you have been posted to a different place which is though not as good but next best place in the list.... it turn out that they appointed someone else to that selected place coz they got more money from some one else. Then they pressure you to take the appointment coz f you don't, sahab (BSA) would punish you after you join by enumerable ways ... as he is the boss .... OK what about returning my money if you did not do what you promissed.... They say No No, the money never goes back... after all you were given second best place.... and if you insist on getting it back or anything like reporting to someone.... you get redy for the consequences as well... unfavourable intries, daily round at your school, selective harassement....list goes on.
This was so bad a experience that you feel suffocated in that atmosphere and wonder if geting employed was good or bad or worse....
The irony is you bribe to get something done, but don't get it done and after that get theats to keep shut.
Thank you for giving one oppertunity to vent our frustation and relieve the stress. Hope that this effort gets few able support from the high offices and India and Indians see a brighter administrative and govt officials, better anti-corruption laws, punitive measures to stop such practices and public awareness that bribe is bad for work efficiencies and the very thread of good governance.
I fully support this cause and am willing to do whatever needs to be done to achieve this goal of making our country free of curroption, nepotism, high handedness, and harrasements.
Thank you and God bless.

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