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  • 6 years ago

Misplacement of LLR applications

Reported on September 21, 2016 from Mysore , Karnataka  ι Report #124142

I accompanied my relative to RTO West, Lakshmipuram, Mysore on 31.12.2015 to apply for an LLR for 100 cc motorcycle without gears and also for LMV for her. She handed over the applications along with all required enclosures, including a DL for 50cc mopeds without gears to one lady Superintendent by name Ms. Madhura, at around 12 noon. The said lady Superintendent was extremely condescending and insolent while addressing my relative, before initialling on the applications and retaining them with her.
It was reported a few days later that both the applications had been lost in the RTO's office and they wanted my relative to submit another set of enclosures and photos, which were then duly handed over to them. Two LLRs were then computer-generated in favour of my relative with her name wrongly spelt, her educational qualifications, her blood group and the PIN code of her address all wrongly entered. It looked from the LLRs like the entries in them were made by some Group D employee, without referring to the applications. I have no idea what was done to the two LLR applications by the lady superintendent but judging from her superior condescending tones, I have a feeling she had a role to play in their disappearance.
These defects were brought to the notice of the RTO office at the earliest, and we were given an assurance that all mistakes found in the LLRs would be corrected at the time of issue of the DL, after passing all the tests. This matter was brought to the notice of the concerned persons even on the occasion of the riding test for the 100 cc motorcycle without gears.
However, when the DL smartcard for the 100 cc motorcycle without gears was received by post, it was noticed that all the mistakes made in the LLR were carried over into the DL, without making any effort to correct them, rendering the DL useless to my relative, all because of negligence by the RTO staff. Disappointed with the unprofessional conduct of the RTO staff, my relative decided not to appear for the driving test for the LMV, as the LMV DL also would have carried all incorrect information about the applicant.
This ressulted in my relative losing her DL for 50cc motorcycle without gears, and also getting a DL for 100cc motorcyle without gears with all wrong entries. When RTO staff are not approachable except when a bribe is offered, I am at a lost on how to help my relative to get a real DL smart card with correct entries.

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