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  • 11 years ago

No passport verification without a bribe!!!!

Reported on August 21, 2010 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #31017

(I have selected the department wrong as it keeps asking to select transaction- without giving an option if I select Others in Department)

My friend had applied for a passport giving a letter from HP as address proof as he stays in a PG. Everything went smooth till the papers were sent for verification at the Tilak Nagar police station. Now begins the story:
1. The cop in charge calls him for verification and when he goes there, he is asked to get an original copy of address proof letter from HP (He had a xerox as he had submitted originals at passport office)).
2. He gets the letter and now they tell him to get a letter from the bank stating his current address.
3. He gets a letter from the bank and now they ask him to get 1 years bank statement from the bank.
4. He manages to get the statement from Citi Bank and now they are asking him to get letters from two people he has mentioned who live next to his place. The letter should state they know him and he has been staying there for 3 years.
5. I call out one of the guys and he says the passport is going to be rejected and so I should give something to the head incharge. I walk into the policestation and he asks me to put the money in his drawer.
6. I gave him the money but he will now go to the firends PG tomorrow to verify the details.
Have my friend and I been put through all this trouble just because we are from Delhi and not Karnataka? This is what all my friends in office say. I have heard people say that cops openly ask for money for police verification even if you have all the documents. I feel like teaching the cops a lesson but don't know what can be done.

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