• I Paid A Bribe
  • 8 years ago

Not knowing how to bribe!.

Reported on August 20, 2012 from Tirunelveli , Tamil Nadu  ι Report #1051

My daughter was born around 30 years back and her birth was registered properly in the Municipal (now a Corporation) offices. Using a copy of the registration issued by the municipality, birth certificate issued by the doctor and baptism certificate, we could manage her school admission and other legal requirements including passport. Recently a birth certificate from the Corporation office was required. I applied for the same along with the supporting document. I was given a contact phone number and also the name of the person from whom I was to collect the certificate. After few phone calls, I went and met personally this gentleman. There were some hints that the certificate was ready, but not signed. I could not guess that this person was expecting money. I told him very innocently (?), that I will collect the certificate the next day. This went on for nearly 4 months. One day, a cousin of mine, who had come to the same office, collected the details from me and asked me to return home. This happened at 11.00 AM. The same evening, the birth certificate was delivered at my home. When I asked my cousin about the damages, he just laughed and to told he promised the local counselor a donation for the coming election and the job was done! Later on I understood the donation due to this cause was Rs. 3000/

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