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Reported on April 17, 2012 from Mumbai , Maharashtra  | Report #29701

I bought a new LCD TV from Malaysia, with a proper bill, amounting to Rs. 32,700. Though this falls in the custom limit for Rs. 35000 duty free valuables allowed. But to my horror the lady at the Mumbai customs was in no mood to accept this bill. She was ready with her own price list - dated Aug-2011 , which showed the price as 68000 for that particular mode. Then she roughly calculated the amount & showed me the total duty as Rs. 2800 asking me - 'btayo kya ********** hai'. When resisted, she even threatened to detain my TV. Finally she starting negotiating for the bribe, starting from 2000 Rs. Finally asked me to give Rs.1500 to the police constable in a separate room..

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