• I Paid A Bribe
  • 14 years ago

Paid for breaking signal

Reported on August 21, 2010 from Pune , Maharashtra  ι Report #31007

I was driving from deccan gymkhana to alka talkies and directly moved onto sambhaji bridge and it is not allowed for two wheelers on the bridge. and after going one cycle wala told us not for two wwheelers so i turned back and at the end of bridge the police wala caught us and asked for 1100 Rs. I told him as there is no sign of no entry for two wheelers why should i pay. then he has shown one sign indicating no entry. But if you look at the sign u will not understand what it is about. it was totally soiled and not visible from distance.so i argued a lot for not paying the money but he said you have to pay. so finally i negotiated for 50Rs.

Rules and regulations are not clear to people, hence they take advantage of people. because once i realized i have broken a signal i had came back.

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