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Painful Story of Bribe given to Sub-Registrar's office-Kundrathur-Chennai

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Reported on May 13, 2011 from Chennai , Tamil Nadu  | Report #37511

I got my 17yrs old flat(coming under SRO-Kundrathur office) for 22 lakhs in outer city.Bcos in city limits, it is costing more than 50 lakhs. I proceeded to register my purchased flat (under Panchayat) on 9th Dec-2010.But to my surprise, even the area is coming under Panchayat Union, the agent demanded Rs.15000 as bribe to be given to Registrar-Kundrathur.

I once again pledged all my Wife's Jewels in to the bank and paid the registration amount as well as a bribe of Rs.10000 (after negotiation-literally begging).

This made us feel how bad our State and Central Governments are????

Is there a solution to these stories like this???

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