• I Paid A Bribe
  • 5 years ago

Police Address Verification

Reported on July 11, 2019 from Kanpur , Uttar Pradesh  ι Report #209971

I paid bribe to get my passport. My passport address verification was adverse because i didn't give bribe earlier. After paying visit and money of 500 rupee in RPO Lucknow i re initiated address verification. This time i was clear my mind to pay bribe cause i need my passport clear any how.
Once address verification initiated by passport office, i visited police station. After completing formality they asked for bribe (kharcha pani) i gave 500, so they refused then i paid 700. Cause i visited police station so they settled in 700, else they asked 1500 when they came to my house for earlier address verification.
After a week i got call from LIU sub inspector in Kanpur Avinash Chandra. He asked my again kharcha pani. I gave him 300 so they asked more so i gave him finally 500.
So not giving bribe in first verification costs me mental harrasment + Visit to RPO lucknow +whole day + Next day police station visit + 700 + next week LIU call then visit + 500.
Police is still starving for bribe. And i have to pay.

Later i have to pay bribe to post man, as he is going to deliver my passport and delivery fee is 200.

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