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  • 13 years ago

Police ruin my date

Reported on November 2, 2011 from Rohtak , Haryana  ι Report #3590

I was out with my GF and another friend who was the driver. We bought some vodka and me and my girl started drinking a bit before we would get some dinner. My friend, the driver, wasn't drinking.
A police jeep pulls up behind our car and come to the window and ask us what you are doing with a girl out at night. I say shes my GF and we are both medical students at the local university, both of age, having a night out. Keep in mind everyone is of legal age to drink.
These ********** were weird as **********and drank the rest of our vodka. When they were drunk, demanded that we buy them more alcohol. Thats 300 rupees there. Then they drank more and demanded we feed them and so we provided them a chicken dinner costing about 500 rupees. At the end they took from me 500 more rupees AND took my GFs cell phone and told me to come get it the next day. To get the phone back it cost 2000 rupees.

Total cost to take your GF out for a nice evening: 3300.
********** ********** police.

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