• I Paid A Bribe
  • 11 years ago

Random bribing for Police Verification of Passport

Reported on September 7, 2013 from Nashik , Maharashtra  ι Report #36119

Like usual, we received a call from a Police Station in Nashik for Verification of Police Enquiry for Passport. After reaching there, the related officer handed over the copies of our Passport forms to us and asked us to make Xerox copy of the entire set of forms. For this itself, we had to go again in the city market to bring Xerox which wasted 15mins. After getting the copies, we were asked to be seated as there was a queue for the verification. During the time I sat there (around an hour), I noticed citizens offering random bribes to the officer. Some of them offered Rs.100/- per passport, some random amount in envelopes. The officer, without any hesitation, took the money and efficiently put it in a drawer under his desk.
Looking at this and his attitude to those who were reluctant to offer, I thought of doing the same and had to offer him the amount for doing his routine job. Although I procured the necessary details of the officer, I would want to see what is the reaction.

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