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  • 9 years ago

Registration of an apartment in Mangalore

Reported on July 1, 2015 from Mangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #71906

6th October, Mangalore - Registration of my apartment was done with my mother as Power of Attorney since I wasn't in the country. The lawyer who was handling the registration from the builder's side demanded 20K to be shared between 4 officials (according to him) in the Sub-Registrar's office.

My not being around and the hesitation to trouble my parents who are from out of state, I had to pay this to the lawyer and withheld the information from my parents (My father is a lawyer and he would've fought tooth and nail if he knew about it). I understand the lack of information on this but considering the co-operation between the lawyer and these officials, it's pretty sure this is not the only instance. I'll try to get some more information on the officials and the lawyer if that helps.

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