• I Paid A Bribe
  • 14 years ago

Returning from USA - Welcomed by India

Reported on November 10, 2010 from New Delhi , Delhi  ι Report #30011


I returned from US on 25th Oct-2010 and after a long 24 flight, i was stopped by customs when I was passing from the green channel.

They asked me how much I have declared and I wrote 750$, then they asked me why dint you add the 2 bottles of liqour which I was carrying (duty free), I was so tired that I forgot that they were duty free.

So they asked me to open the luggage and show all the things I brought for children in my family,

It was harassing situation. I opened the luggage and showed the electronic items which I brought and other clothes,chocoloates etc which was within the limit.

I also had brought some skin medicines which were for my brother who is Specialist. I showed them the proper invoices etc, but then they started to harass me that this is not allowed and I will have to pay 150% duty on an amount of 200$.

So I got scared and then asked them for options, the custom guy first asked for 200$, but then settled for 100$ and told me to put in the passport and quietly hand it over to them,

Finally since I had a 24 hour travelling period, i was so tired and sleepy, I decided to bribe them and get out of the airport so that I can ********** my family after 3 months.

It was a terrible experience and customs in India just harass regular travellers like me.

Hope this doesnt happen in future with me or others. Happy travelling from Delhi *******

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