• I Paid A Bribe
  • 6 years ago

RTO Office - Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Reported on August 3, 2016 from Ahmedabad , Gujarat  ι Report #115010

The names of the officers were not known.

But I can indicate the responsibilities which they were carrying.

1) With a guidance of an office sitting in the office of issue, I was asked to fill the forms and after documents being checked. I was asked to go for verification at a place in an open shed who looked like a police in khaki sitting on a stool. He saw my documents and told me that I cannot be verified that something is missing. He also said how can I believe you that you are a citizen of India.

2) He sent me back and I went back to the same officer. He asked a guy in return to help me. That guy, I do not know if he was an employee, took my papers, asked me for Rs 400 and marked something on the paper and asked me to again go for checking to the officer in the open shed wearing the khaki.

3) The police in khaki saw my papers and said "now I can believe that you are not a terrorist". He signed and sent me back.

4) I got the learning license.

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