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Reported on April 08, 2012 from Noida , Uttar Pradesh  | Report #29736

I was moving towards sector 16, Noida for bike servicing. At an square near sec 12-22, a rickshaw puller suddenly came in my way, as he was crossing the perpendicular road without looking at the traffic on the main road. I tryed my best to save the bang, even i went onto the right side lane. But the rickshaw struck onto my bike & reverted. My bike struck with a car coming from the front.
After the accident, the public gathered their & a greedy policeman too. His name was ********** ********** **********. Everyone was saying to move to hospital for first aid.
But the policeman slapped & abused me & my brother abruptly on the road. He even didnt take care of our & other's wounds. He took my bike to the police station & demanded 10,000 straight for not filing a case. He even said that though it was not your fault but you could even die in the accident. Think yourself fortunate that you are getting out well of this at just some money as it seems that you are well educated & paid, so money doesnt matter for you.

At last, an agent crept in & he settled the affair for Rs 6000/-. The policeman got happy & said forget everything & dont tell this to anyone. He didnt paid any expense to us & the rickshaw puller for the damage.
In this way, we had to suffer a lot as we got humilated, injured & financial attacked on the road by the so called " protectors" of law. They are highly corrupted people yet.

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