• I Paid A Bribe
  • 8 months ago

Traffic rush by police itshelf and they blamed me for red light jump.

Reported on February 10, 2020 from Panchkula , Haryana  ι Report #220162

It was Sunday I was coming from Solan. Then at housing board(the place from where we took right turn to Chandigarh). There were almost 10 seconds left to turn signal red. Then kahkhi cop stopped a car three or four cars away from me. Then automatically traffic jam created. There were cars behind me so I stuckked in between the road. I had no option to go forward or reverse because all round cars were there. Then some how I got space and tried to move forward in order to clear road because signal turned to red. Then I was stopped by cop and they said you jumped the red. Come on sir you stopped the car middle of the queue then how will others go ..over the car? Tried to explain the situation that actually happened there. What they brought my documents. And there were another person who show me the list of fines. It seems like they were working like chain means stopped by another person, documents brought by other and money by other. There were more vehicle behind me but you not stopped them, only those stopped having other state number plate. Sir you are already good paid by Indian government. If you are really taking care of traffic violation just generate e-chllan violaters will get message for that. Not everyone who has much money, some of have but others who saved money for years after that they are able to buy some happiness.

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