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  • 12 years ago

Transfer of Katha from my Co brother to Sister in law

Reported on August 21, 2010 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #31004

My sister in law's husband passed away in the year 2004 and had left behind a site which was registered in his name. So to help her out , we thought we should get it transferred to her name. We got all the documents and application duly signed and met this case worker to let us know the process. He happily explained the same and told us it would cost 6000/-. Out of curosity my sister in law asked him if she could get a receipt for the 6000/-. He outrighty explained that teh transfer of kathat is imposible as it has to go through many hands and the big guys in teh dept would eat a major share. He explained to us that we would get a receipt for Rs. 550/- only and teh balance 5450/= was to get teh job done. We paid the same and got teh job done. When we received the katha , we asked him as to how they can charge such huge sum for a simple job. For this he amswered, "your work would not have been completed in this age, jut be happy, I have alos shelled soem money out of my pocket to get this job done" . So ends my story, in a corrupt country like India, until there is some capital punishment or chopping of hands, flogging etc, etc nothing will change.

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