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Beat asking for bribe

Reported on July 18, 2016 from New Delhi , Delhi  ι Report #111655

Hello sir

i run a call center with a usa client. i have documents :

service tax
partnership deed
rental property agreement
NOC from rented property owner
employees verification

i dont have a DOT license
as it requires
pvt ltd firm ( i have partnership firm)
10 mbps leased line ( i have 4 as i only have 6 7 emplyees so we dont need high speed)
50 lakh bank gurranty ( i am from a small family i started my business on my own so i dont have that much money to show as a bank gurranty.

a police officer is asking for bribe 30,000 INR
he staes that he need it if i have to run my business or else he will put 180 ipc on me .

am not a terrrorist or am not a murderer who have to face these consequences why should i pay bribe . i explained him i cant get DOT as my firm type is different he didnt understood that. he might be coming today or tomorrow for bribe.

his name is beat constable RAM BACHAN
HE SAYS go to my seniour name is Manoj kumar SHO

he will also ask for same bribe

corruption is eating our country no one is helping a common man

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