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Harassed for not paying bribe

Reported on November 15, 2010 from New Delhi , Delhi  ι Report #32632

In March 2005, I had burglary at my place in Delhi. Despite significant amount of money having been stolen, I was asked by the police to pay them Rs.5,000/- for the issuance of the FIR. I am strictly against giving bribes. Eventually, I was forced to write my FIR complaint 4 times in Hindi - any mistake or cutting meant re-writing the entire complaint, and I sat in the police station from 5:00PM until 10:30PM to collect my FIR. I was repeatedly told by the SHO to collect it the next day, and several excuses, such as a non-working photocopy machine, were given. I sat in his office and declined to leave until the FIR was issued. It was finally issued after 10PM that day. The case was, however, never resolved by the police - as expected, I believe!

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