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I paid Rs 500 to traffic police, just because I forgot my car papers at home.

Reported on January 22, 2018 from New Delhi , Delhi  ι Report #177673

On 17th of December 2017, I was driving my car from home to office. Unfortunately, I forget to take my car papers with me on that particular day. When I reached NSP, two policemen stops me. And asked for the papers, I checked them in car, but didn't found. Then I realised that i forget them at home. I begged the police officers to not make any challan, as it's my first fault. But they didn't care, and asked me of Rs1000 bribe for not filing challan. I dont have that much amount of money. I only have Rs 500 for my medicines. They took it all and left me blank handed. After that incident my car insurance expires. And I buy car insurance from finbucket.

They are pretty good at it. As FinBucket is India's leading financial services provider.

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