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Alipore Judge court -a place filled with corrupt and bribe taking clerks.

Reported on April 11, 2017 from Kolkata , West Bengal  ι Report #160128

I have been going to alipore judges court for 25 years now for a civil case. Each and every clerk, peon, officer is a ghus khor person. They seem to have even taken bribe from their mother to come out of her womb. This is a fact! Every damn individual know about this. Even the higher authorities know this but they are speak -ti-not. Why? I have seen aged people sitting there for hours. How they are harassed for simple civil cases and civil matters. Their main point is to take money. Otherwise 1.the peon Hasn't came today. Come tomorrow 2.The record book is missing come next week. 3.The Nazir babu is busy for court examination. Come next week. 4.The cashier babu hasn't came today. Come tomorrow. 5.Year ending is going on come next week. 6.Oh! We haven't received the record from that department. ..they will harass you so much that finally you will be bound to give them money. L. A. Clerk Mr. Abhijit something,in the L. A office 1st floor alipore judge court. His peon Mr. Ganesh something. Clerk of Nazir khana Mr. Debasish something in alipore judges court. Along with these the Nazir sometimes takes money not directly through his clerk /peon.

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