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Complaint against drugging and corruption in court by staff under officers

Reported on August 16, 2020 from Kurukshetra , Haryana  ι Report #224035

Respected sir,

I am writing this letter to you and maybe this is my last hope. In Shahabad Markanda, Kurukshetra, Haryana, Pin Code 136135, Tehsil office, some D grade staff workers charging fees for those works which are free of cost. Sometimes they charge some extra money for the same. If anyone refuses to pay money they behave very ill usually with poor people. I know I have no proper proof for it but I am sure if you pay some attention here, you will automatically get something against them. I can name those. Vikas Sharma, Parikshit Sharma, Pardeep Singh, Manjeet Singh, etc. Vikas Sharma works as the right hand of Tahsildar for taking illegal money for illegal works. People usually pay a bribe to Vikas Sharma first than Vikas Sharma transfer this money in the bank account to his father or wife. After some days he gives it to Tahsildar back by keeping his percentage.
I hope you will take some action against them. I hope for a better future of my country.

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