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Bribe Paid to Bombay high court board from Criminal to skip hearing from last 16 months

Reported on March 5, 2017 from Mumbai , Maharashtra  ι Report #156210

Subject : - Need Information of Criminal case no APL/1116/2015 and APL/1117/2015

Description of the information required :- Criminal Case no APL/1116/2015 and APL/1117/2015.Kindly provide me the reason for delay since 21/12/2015 till 10/02/2017. Kindly provide me the total number of hearing Skipped.
2. As per the Criminal in this case name Rahul pundalikrao gaikwad the recorded conversation on 21/11/2016. he is paying a bribe which is 15000 per hearing to the high court board to skip the date for 1 month. So is it correct as per the criminal says that the bribe is the reason behind to skiping of hearings .
3. Kindly provide me the reason why high court board placed on wrong court room on 17/06/2016 with HON'BLE SHRI JUSTICE A.S.GADKARI and has given order to Place it before A Court /(T). as per the record HON'BLE SHRI JUSTICE A.S.GADKARI is not assign with criminal matter HON'BLE SHRI A.S.GADKARI is only assign for orginal side matter (civil matter). Did Bombay high court board doesn’t know where to place the Correct hearing.

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