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Complaint against corrupted people

Reported on May 26, 2018 from Mahendragarh , Haryana  ι Report #183207

Sir, I have complaint against clearks/workers working in tXXXX. Sir, I want to tell you that working staff of this office are taking huge money as a bribe i.e a computer operater is taking 800/- per application of land registration, I recently visited in this office for marriage application I have paid all fees online although he demanded 500/- rupees from me when I asked about it then he replied 300 is my computer fees and 200 extra for processing my application early, he also told that u have spend lakhs in your merriage than u can give me 200 extra. When I denied then he told me, Gumte rho Abhi nhi hoga' I am working outside the state and i have very less time so I have to pay money. Sir, u can verify it by asking every applicant visited in this office and applicant details can be found in previous applications. Sir if a specialise team will go on snap check , team will find a lot of money in his drawer, it is the case of one computer operator more may be indulge. Sir they are looting poor villager. They are taking money as it is their right. Sir u can guess that if 30 personnel come in his office and everybody pay 600 than his total earning is 18000. Sir I request u that a strict action may be taken against such personnel Thanks

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