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Reported on November 6, 2016 from Mumbai , Maharashtra  ι Report #132786

I was told to give 8 Lac to a parsi judge SJ Kathawala , the money would to go parsi community

Parsi community paid right people to get the judge on chair and now judge makes order and decision on cases if you have a parsi advocate or if your lawyer is an advocate from parsi community
The opposite party had lawyer from parsi community and i was told to pay higher than him by srishtedar (court staff under judge table) 8 lac for judge and 2 lac for her

I thought i won the case from supreme court why will i need to pay to judge , the judge will not simply entertain the application of second party as another bench of bombay high court has penalised the party and also confirmed the order of lower court ( two lower court , one is MHADA Court and another is appellate court where party appealed against mhada court and then finally reach high court and after losing high court they reached supreme court where they again lost, after reaching SC they again went to parsi judge via lobby)

Judge SJ Kathawala gave status quo until next date , which he cant as per law, either he ask to deposit rent or to vacate the flat but he gave status quo and never heard the matter on next date, he kept on giving dates for few months and later he stopped giving dates also and party is enjoying the possession of my flat

Now i think i should have paid 10 lac somehow, to get back my flat

I also want help +91 8795813542 Ankit Mishra

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