How to get an LPG gas connection in Karnataka

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Liquefied Petroleum Gas, more popularly known as LPG is flammable mixture used in houses for cooking purpose. It does not produce smoke and is helps in rapid cooking. The Government LPG companies in India are Indane, Bharat and Hindustan Petroleum.  Some other private LPG companies too exist in Bangalore like Jyoti Gas, Elf Gas etc. It is advisable to purchase Government LPG in order to reduce cost and also accidents caused by LPG cylinders. LPG is available for domestic use mostly in 14.2 Kg capacity cylinders.

Pre-process requirements

  • You can either get private gas such as Jyoti Gas, which does not require any document. But this costs you double the Government Gas, about Rs. 3000 in total.
  • If you have a Government Gas connection already in some place then you can transfer it to
  • Bangalore by getting a Surrender Certificate from the place where you already have connection.
  • Alternatively, you can get a new Government LPG connection. For a domestic connection, you can visit your nearest LPG Distributor serving your area with a valid proof of residence.

Process of booking a gas cylinder

  1. Contact an LPG distributor to book your cylinder.
  2. The LPG connection will be released to you immediately. However before the release of an LPG connection, you should be in possession of an ISI mark Hotplate/ gas stove and a rubber, so that after release of your LPG connection, it may be installed at your residence immediately.
  3. For the release of your LPG connection you will be required to pay a security deposit at the prevailing rates.
  4. Do undertake simple checks at the time of your refill receipt:-
  • Check the seal of the cylinder.
  • Check the safety cap. It should not have any cracks.
  •  Remove safety Cap and check for leakage from the valve. Usually in case of any leakage from the cylinder valve, the safety cap will pop off at the time of removal. This can be further reaffirmed by placing your thumb on the cylinder valve.
  • Get the new cylinder connected with the hotplate and make sure that no leakage is observed. Have it removed, fit the safety cap on the cylinder valve and store it aside at a safe cool place.


 24 hour helpline number – 1800 – 425 – 9339 for new gas connections


Karnataka Food & Civil Supplies Department office in your area. 


Karnataka Food & Civil supplies Department -1800–425–9339

If you do not have a ration card it is advisable to get a new ration card made or get it transferred from any other place if you have it. Getting a new connection becomes much easier if you have a ration card.
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