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Complaint Information Reference No. : 14021591 Status : Reopened…

Reported on May 29, 2014 from Hassan , Karnataka  ι Report #41196

Complaint Information
Reference No. : 14021591 Status : Reopened
Registration Date : 28-05-2014 11:17 Priority : Normal
Closed Date : 28-05-2014 21:19 Reported By : NonConsumer

Distributor : KAPILA ENTERPRISES (19627100)
Subject : Delay in release of NC/DBC/RC
Description : I friend has applied for a new connection with Registration Referance No. is :xxxxxxxxxx on xxxxxx.he has not received the connection nor call from the agency but his collogue who applied 15 days back has already got the connection. Can you please check and let me know the status.
Please also let me know price for double cylinder that is needed to pay for KAPILA ENTERPRISES, Holenarsipur . I am sure buying hotplate or any other accessories is not mandatory.

Action History
MANIKANDAN MURALIDHARAN (195128) - 28/05/2014 09:19 PM
Dear Sir/Mam,

Kindly request your colleague to approach the distributor. We have advised the distributor to issue connection without any further delay.
We have advised the distributor not to force customers to buy hot plates or other accessories and it is not mandatory to buy the same.
The standard applicable rates are displayed at the showroom for DBC and you need to pay only the applicable rates displayed.


xxxxxx - 29/05/2014 06:00 PM
I have had a recorded telephonic conversation with the lady & Pradeep of KAPILA ENTERPRISES holenarsipur, Karnataka.
You can listen to his arrogance and he argues that the price of double cylinder is Rs.10500/- even after telling that we have filed an RTI and explained the breakup to be Rs.4500/- he asks with whom have you filed RTI as though he is the law maker of the country . He says kitchen equipments are mandatory and reiterates HPCL has made ARP products mandate and also says HPCL forces them to sell and HPCL guys are a nonsense.
I am not sure if it’s a game plan or Hand in Glove game with the agency and HPCL. This has been the worst interaction and the way Pradeep justified himself putting HPCL in ditch.
I feel pity when the agency guys says HPCL is nonsense and pretends to have an upper hand over it. Is there no able administrator who can take action against this illegal guys? There are looting money from poor farmers and villagers.
Can you please have a detailed enquiry into this? hope the call centre guys are not responding to the complaints with templates and there is concrete action against the arrogant agency.

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