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I had approached Udaya Gas Agency in Coimbatore who is my locality…

Reported on June 5, 2014 from Coimbatore , Tamil Nadu  ι Report #41288

I had approached Udaya Gas Agency in Coimbatore who is my locality Indane Gas Agency Supplier for a New gas Connection. I was initially told that New Connection charges would be Rs.6000 which also includes Accessories i.e Gas Stove + Utincils. I then refused to take additional accessories & as per the rules of IOCL its not mandatory to take accessories. So he agreed to exclude accessories & said me to pay Rs.4000 for new connection. I was still shocked with such huge amount for new connection because as per the information put on the board in this office the new connection charges should be Rs.Rs.1600/- (i.e. for cylinder=Rs.1450/- and Pressure regulator Rs.150/-) for a single Gas Cylinder connection. I argued with them & they finally refused to reduce the amount & said i can go & complaint to any one as this is what everyone pays for the new connection. I then took a notice from one of the board put up in agency where there was a contact no of Area Field Officer of IOCL But eveytime i tried calling that No, it was unreachable. I then refused to pay additional charges & came back home & check on IOCL website to complaint on this. I then found the email id indanecarecbe@indianoil.in on 31.May.2014 to whom i wrote an email to confirm the new connection charges & i got no reply & i also tried calling in Coimbatore IOCL helpline & i was here shocked to get a very rude reply & hangup for my calls. And finally with no option left & due to urgency of me needing a gas cylinder i had to pay Rs.4000 to avail gas connection. Later around 18.June.2014 i got an reply to my email which i wrote on 31.May.2014 confirming the new connection charges to be Rs.1600 as i listed above with an excuse for late reply. I then replied immediately to them stating that i have already taken the new connection by paying Rs.4000 to the Agency. To my that email to IOCL later in the night i got a call from Mr.Uday of Uday Gas Agency asking me if i had made a complaint to IOCL about the excess charges & he then in the fear of complaint agreed to return me Rs.1000 immediately in return of me saying to IOCL that my issue with agency is resolved. I was shocked but happy that my complaint to IOCL worked & i took the Rs.1000 & wrote back an email to IOCL that my complaint was resolved. I understand that i made a mistake here by not taking the complaint forward but as we are common man we have to compromise on certain matters. After passing of couple of months i wanted to opt for a New Double Gas Connection against my existing Single gas connection for which now Mr.Uday ask me to pay addational accessories charges apart from the regular double connection charges & again i fought with him & refused to pay additional charges & for which i said me that IOCL has adviced gas agencies to forcibly sell certain accessories to customers which would boost the IOCl sales. Again i tried calling Area Field Office / IOCL Customer care & email & i only got a reply saying that better i buy some small amount of accessories & resolve my issue with gas agency for which i refused & i am yet to get any positive feedback from IOCL on the same.

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